Wiring loom kits for led light

Wiring loom kits for led light

led wiring loom kit

6m extension cable for UTV-704 or UTV-700 led loom kit

6m extension cable f...

Beneficial for those requiring extra wire length on the light end of our premade wiring loom kit alr..

£18.00 Ex VAT: £15.00

Aftermarket ferrite coil eliminate radio interference

Aftermarket ferrite ...

How to remove radio interference. Many people nowadays are installing aftermarket LED conversion ..

£9.60 Ex VAT: £8.00

Premade led wiring loom kit - double DT outlet

Premade led wiring l...

Ready made wiring kit approximately 3 metres long and includes battery eyelet terminals, fuse, relay..

£24.00 Ex VAT: £20.00

Wiring loom extension for led switch wire on our UTV-700 or 704 loom.

Wiring loom extensio...

6 metre premade extension piece to extend the switch distance on our ready made wiring kits of eithe..

£18.00 Ex VAT: £15.00

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