LED Lightbars with performance

LED Lightbars with performance

Selection of high quality led lightbars fitted patented TIR lens with ETM thermal management that perform way beyond your imagination on tractor, 4x4 or truck.

LUX rating is what really counts with a light - real performance is not all about lumens.

120 watt single row curved led lightbar with TIR lens

120 watt single row ...

Single row curved light bar with absolute quality and performance. Comes with TIR lens for accura..


120 Watt Single Row Lightbar with 4D Lens suit pickup utv-tractor

120 Watt Single Row ...

A really nice looking 120 watt led light bar that is a perfect size. Measures 20.5 inches (521mm) le..


120 Watt Twin Row Lightbar lamp with 4D Lens

120 Watt Twin Row Li...

Measuring 520mm wide this is an ideal bar for 4x4 vehicles, quads, tractors, forestry machines, crop..


160 watt single row curved led lightbar with TIR lens suit tractor ranger pickup van

160 watt single row ...

A superbly manufactured slightly curved 160 watt led light bar. Brilliantly manufactured and incl..




Quality manufactured straight single row led light bar in black casing colour compete with the paten..




The very latest 4D LED lens single row led light bar and one when used at night replicates daylight ..




Curved shape compliments some vehicle shape or body design better plus a curve led bar spreads the l..




180 watt twin row CREE led lightbar gives a superb ratio of bar width to light output. So many us..


20 Watt Single Row Mini LED lightbar

20 Watt Single Row M...

A popular choice of short single row led light bar with 2 x 10 watt 4D elements. Real quality... ..




Popular twin row led light bar with CREE chips and 4D lens. Measures approx 42 inches wide (1054m..




A single row led light bar with stunning performance, brings far improved colour render and sharpnes..




    Brand new single row led lightbar with TIR lens. This single row led light bar..




240 watts CREE led light bar - measures approximately 42 inches width. A really high class, high ..




Well manufactured and highly tested twin row curved 288 watt led light bar lamp fitted 4D lens and o..




One of the powerful models of the led lightbar range, our 50 inch straight twin row lightbar with th..


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