Led safety guidance traffic warning and strobe lights colour amber,red,green suitable tractor roof, trailer or digger

18 watt round amber led flashing strobe light-trailer-tractor

18 watt round amber ...

A very slim round led strobe/flashing light absolutely ideal for mounting on the rear of a machine, ..

£36.00 Ex VAT: £30.00

Amber square led marker - front or rear warning or turn light

Amber square led mar...

Very neat in design and this is a low profile square amber colour - 36 bright led light. Approx 1..

£14.40 Ex VAT: £12.00

Amber super slim 6 led strobe flash emergency grille light, recovery,tractor,trailer.

Amber super slim 6 l...

Superbly manufactured really skinny oblong 6 led strobe light suitable for grille plus side or rear ..

£21.60 Ex VAT: £18.00



Neat strong and long lasting led strobe flashing grille or surface mount led warning light. Perfect ..

£33.60 Ex VAT: £28.00

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