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Why struggle with poor lighting when you can have so much better.

We tested the original factory fitted Merlo high low beam headlight and compared it to the item we have in stock. We instantly began to realise just what you all have to put up with because the Merlo headlight is yellow and certainly does not make for a bright well illuminated working environment let alone a safe one.

Electrical circuit overloading on machines becomes a topic particularly in winter when heater is on, wiper on and all work lights but straight away by replacing your work and head lights with led versions be they from us or any other company then you are soon starting to bring about several solutions at time.


  • This led light replaces the glass part of your light only not the complete casing or amber turn.
  • 3650 lumen per light. 
  • High & Low beam with really nice flood pattern on low and adds a good spot beam on high.
  • Quality manufactured led light.
  • Suitable 10 - 30 vdc.
  • Please note there is currently no sidelight within this led headlight design. You will see in one image we have retro fitted our part number UTV504 which is a new side marker light - not compulsory only an option at £5.50+ vat per marker light
  • Incorporates EMC control to eliminate FM radio interference,CB radio interference and interferences from electronic guidance systems. Complies with CISPR25-CLASS4
Merlo v LED current draw comparison
Merlo headlight on low beam   4.7amps
Our LED headlight on low beam   1.2 amps
Merlo headlight on high beam   5.3 amps
Our LED headlight on high beam   3.5 amps

Price is per sealed LED headlight unit not to include casing.

Not legally approved for road use.

Please call Martin on 01606 553109 or mobile 07834 457621

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