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UTV328 - Blue Tight beam LED Spot light - suit sprayer jet illumination- Househam, Bateman, chafer, Agrifac

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Stylish blue led light lamp gives out an impressive amount of lumen for illuminating the likes of crop sprayer boom nozzle jets, fork lift truck safet..

Stylish blue led light lamp gives out an impressive amount of lumen for illuminating the likes of crop sprayer boom nozzle jets, fork lift truck safety light or poultry house loading shovel.

We have this blue led light factory fitted with waterproof DT deutche connector as standard.

Crop Sprayer:

Customers have already reported fitting these blue led lights to their self propelled sprayers. The resulting blue light if shone straight along the nozzle line will very effectively highlight every nozzle spray pattern.

Some prefer - If connected via our strobe kit part number UTV-711 then the blue led light can be strobed and this has the effect of freezing the spray nozzle image allowing repeated clear images of any poor performing jets. Certainly works great on all machine makes be they 24m, 36m or 40m boom width.

Please watch this video produced by one of our farmer customer showing the blue led lights.

Poultry Houses:

We are led to understand that such as a small loading shovel fitted with white lights will scatter poultry when used amongst them however blue led lights still allow night vision but avoid fright to the poultry.

Forklift truck safety:

A growing trend is to use a blue led light fitted to the rear of fork lift ROPS frame and pointed rearwards down to the ground at an angle immediately behind the fork lift. The safety idea is for if say a pedestrian is approaching a door way or entrance and a forklift is moving out of the door then a bright blue BLOB shows on the ground making the pedestrian aware of it's presence.

Use of ear defenders in some industrial environments actually precludes people from hearing the usual audible bleepers hence they become ineffective whereas the blue light is visible at all times.

We stock similar style of light in white only if required for use say on front of industrial forklift in a warehouse.

Ready to work with 10 - 60 vdc input voltage. (Can also offer 10 - 110vdc to order.)

Very low current draw.


98mm x 80mm x 70mm  

5 degree spot beam

EMC inclusive to high level of CISPR25 CLASS 4 protection to eliminate electrical interference

LUX: 34 @ 10m

Proven to be a highly successful and valued addition for sprayers over last 5 years

wink Kit available to include two part number UTV-328 blue led lights and one twin outlet pre made 3m long wiring loom part number UTV-704. Loom kit includes fuse, relay. switch, waterproof DT outlet terminals and eyelet terminals on power input end if fitting direct to battery.

In addition we have part number UTV-712 which is a 6 metre long extension cable to extend length of loom at output end. Also for Bateman sprayers we have part number UTV-713 which is an additional extension cable to extend switch on our UTV-704 loom kit into cab area.

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Item considered to be better than any other available near this price

Alternative blue light of larger construction available on our part No: UTV340



Lighting Attributes
Beam Angle 5 degree Spot
Colour of Light Blue
Lens type 4D
Watts 20

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