Blue led light perfect for making fork lift truck movement safer.

Posted By: Martin Published: 06/02/2016 Comments: 0

Blue led spot lights are perfectly suited to fork light and access platform applications to provide an unmissable visual warning for pedestrians and other drivers in the vicinity of moving equipment. These ble led spot beam lights are intended as a cost effective supplementary safety device and project a vibrant bright blue spot beam onto the ground either in front or to the rear of the vehicle.

This additional safety feature of the blue led light for fork lift trucks and access platforms is especially useful where noise, blind corners and extra safety measures are required.  This super-bright blue LED spotlight is a high visibility safety warning to pedestrians and other vehicles that a vehicle is approaching.

Particularly effective in high noise environments and at blind intersections or doorways where fork lift audible warnings may be missed or even disconnected. The blue blob light can easily be installed on the front or rear of the overhead guard.  When positioned at an angle of about 45 degrees, it projects a positive blue beam onto the warehouse floor a few metres before or aft the truck.  This will visually alert pedestrians that a forklift truck is approaching. 

Recent HSE report sites workplace transport as the second biggest contributor to workplace accidents.

There are reputed to be over 8,000 reported accidents involving the use of forklift trucks in the UK each year and some of these result in fatalities.  In fact, slightly more pedestrians are injured as the result of a forklift accident than the operators themselves.

We are confident the fitment of blue led spot light to fork lift truck or access platform can only help reduce pedestrian accidents.


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